youTubeify HowTo

Get the Google Chrome youTubeify add-on - click: INSTALL


Step 1: Open your Google Image search, Instagram or Pinterest board and click the yT button
(an image chooser overlay will appear)


Step 2: Hover and Click to choose any group of images
(the counter dropdown sets group size - default: 8 max: 128)


Step 3: Finish by clicking the YouTubeIt button
(an email confirming your job will be sent to you)


Once your Video is ready an email will be sent to you!
(Below are some additional optional features)

Optional: Click the dropdown for other image group sizes (8,16,24,32...)


Optional: Choose images one by one by clicking the image checkbox
(a numbered checkmark will appear #/total selected)


Optional: Multiple images are chosen one by one by clicking their image checkbox
(choose images in any order you want anywhere on your board)


Optional: Choose from over 50 slideshow styles - default is Triple
(to see a style description click the Select slide style dropdown and hover)


Optional: Make a GIF with speed options for slow, medium or fast and size options 480, 720, 1080
(note: Audio selection is disabled / grayed out as GIFs do not support audio)


Optional: Choose any of the Audio options - default is Jazz


Optional: Click the "add intro slide" checkbox to add an introduction slide using your Video title


Optional: Click the "reverse pic order" checkbox to reverse image order
(to start with the oldest image and end with the newest image)


Optional: Custom design styles - please contact