youTubeify by blogHeard Support

This is the QUICK START page - follow these steps to make a YouTube Slideshow:

1) Get the yT (youTubeify) chrome add-on - click: INSTALL

2) Open your Google Image search, Instagram or Pinterest board and click the yT add-on (top right red yT button)

3) Choose any group of 8 images by hovering over the top of any image (click dropdown for other group sizes 16,24...)

4) Optional: Choose images one by one by clicking the image checkbox (a checkmark will appear with a YouTube logo)

5) Finish by clicking any YouTube logo and then clicking YouTubeIt in the maker window (has style, music & title options)

ALL DONE! Once your video slideshow is ready an email will be sent to you!

Need more detail? Click: HOWTO or SUPPORT